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Southern Connecticut State University

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So a band I'm in actually did something... [08 Dec 2010|01:46am]

The like two of you that ever actually go to LJ anymore should check this out...one of the bands I play with just put out an EP and I'm pretty sure it doesn't suck.

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Transferring In... [29 Mar 2009|12:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm going to be transferring in from NCC this coming Fall. You know, I was hoping that this process would be as painless as possible...BUT it already seems like all of my preparations will be turning to shit. *sigh*

For example, Admissions had sent me a letter that said my Transfer Credit Evaluation is enclosed and SURPRISE...it's not there. I call them up and ask where it is and they rudely state that it will take a couple weeks to get an evaluation. Okay, that's fine, but why send a letter saying that it is already DONE and PROCESSED when it is NOT.

Anyway, if any of you guys can enlighten me as to what I should prepare myself for before I even get in this place, that would be appreciated.

I am also curious about the gay/lesbian community there. I'd like to meet other folks like me around my age.

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Southern News Policy [21 Nov 2008|10:06pm]
A month or two ago I tried to submit a letter about the Southern Police to the Southern News and was told that I could not submit it anonymously.

This is one of the worst policies I have ever heard of. I can't even begin to comprehend how the Southern News can consider itself a serious publication when it has policies that do not protect its own readership.

I wasn't very kind to the Southern Police. I discussed the fact that crimes are committed in and around campus all the time, but the only people the Southern Police seem capable of arresting are Southern Students. I made comments about how Southern Police aren't concerned with protecting the students on campus, but arresting them instead. How is it fair that I have to sign my name to this letter for it to be published? With what I just described in this letter, do I want to be victim to Southern Police's ire? Signing my name to that letter just lends itself to possibly being harassed by the Southern Police, who have a habit of harassing students in the first place.

This is one of the worst policies I've ever heard of in journalism. And I'm calling out the Southern News and those on its staff for not changing it.

It seems obvious that the Southern News is incapable of printing anything with any true controversy in it, and does not have the best intentions of its readers in mind.
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[25 Jun 2008|11:16am]

[ mood | curious ]

Is there anyone here in the MLS program?  I wanted to take 4 or 5 courses in the fall, and just want opinions on which ones to take online, and which to take on campus.  I am planning to take the intro classes (501, 503, 503, 506) and maybe one other, and want to take 1 or 2 on campus and the rest online.  Are there any courses that you recommend taking on campus?  Thanks for the help!

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Babysitter? [11 Apr 2008|01:06pm]

I need an occasional, part-time babysitter, mostly just so I can take the Mrs. out every now and then,
possibly even just for a couple hours on a Friday afternoon to go to happy hour, or something.
I have an 8 year old daughter.
She's very smart and well behaved and a lot of fun, and low maintenance.
Basically, the sitter would simply have to be in the home for a few hours
while she did her own thing. Watch TV, hack on the computer (she's already made her
own Linux distro at 8 years...I told you she was smart!)
I'd even spring to order out for a pie or something along those lines.
I think this would be ideal for an SCSU student to make a few bucks on occasion, really,
since we live within a few blocks of campus.
For that matter, we're only about 5 blocks from Yale, too.
Heck, we'd as likely as not be out for a happy hour from maybe 5 to 9, and said student
could then take their cash back to campus and have a ball, or study, etc.
I could set said student up with a guest account on one of the three machines in the office, too,
or, of course, we have a wireless router, so a wireless laptop will work fine here, if the
student wants to study, etc., and needs access to web resources (or even LJ) while here.
We will, occasionally, of course, also be seeking to go out later, but, for the most part, I'm
looking for the opportunity to do the above, happy hour once or twice a month, possibly weekly,
with the Mrs. so we can get out and relax a bit together, which we don't do frequently enough,
because we both work like fools.

I will require references, of course, and will check them.
(I did cross-post this to the New Haven community, under a different journal name.
tonytraductor is also me).

My contact info is on my business website http://www.baldwinlinguas.com
Call my office, ask for Tony.

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Photos from last friday and to plot for saturday [28 Jan 2008|08:57pm]

[ mood | working ]

The goggles in the photos are ones that clarisse_montag made from scratch and that in its self is truly awesome.
Dances of Vice 01-25-2008

Photos from this past Fridays Dances of Vice

All 42 photos of retro fun can be found at this flicker group

To who ever is going to the 2008 New York Dances of Vice Festival

The meet up , ice breaker spot for all who are coming
If There is going to be a attempt at a large meet up before Saturday evenings show.if your a visitor and looking for people to go out and check things out, Or wish to set up a group meet up to eat lunch and take some photos before you have been dancing for hours at the nights festival. Or figure how to get to the club.Click this to plan your plans and meet people who will be there.

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Hope this community's still active! We want to play your school, SCSU! [01 Sep 2007|10:50am]


We wanna play SCSU this year! Just a group of fine college lads right outside NYC.
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Did Somebody Say Something- Episode 3 [08 Mar 2007|06:03pm]

Hey everybody! This week is our THIRD installment of Did Somebody Say Something! We're going to have funny skits, quips, one-liners, jokes, rags, funny things, and other things. Well, be there or be []. That's a square! BE THERE!

Here's our official flyer:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The time is 11am Eastern Standard Time and the place is WSIN.
You can listen through our webcast on www.wsinradio.org
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The Verge [28 Feb 2007|11:19am]

Hey all, I just wanted to leave a quick note to let you all know about a music conference called THE VERGE that's going to be happening in Boston April 19th-21st.

details under the cutCollapse )

Heres Some Of Our 2007 Line-Up!

Age Rings
Antje Duvekot
Bad News Brown
Bang Camaro
Black Violin
The Brightwings
Casey Desmond
Chad Perrone
De Novo Dahl
Diet Kong
DJ Double A
Foreign Islands
Formula 412
Gokh-Bi System (GBS)
Ill Scarlet
Jake Brennan & The Confidence Men
Jill Barber

Joel Plaskett Emergency
Lucy Vincent
Mieka Pauley
Roots of Creation
Spiritual Rez
State Radio
Straylight Run
The Brakes
The Receiver
The States
Todd Martin
Val Emmich
Zac Clark

Lecturers Announced!
Kevin Lyman, Vans Warped Tour
Nate Albert, Former guitarist for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Manager of Bayside and Lost City Angels, A & R for Universal Records
Panos Panay, Founder, Sonicbids
Carla DeSantis, Publisher, ROCKRGRL
Matt Walt, Agent, Pretty Polly Production, Author of Reality Check: A Common Sense Guide To Breaking Into The Music Industry

x-posted -- not trying to spam you, just getting the word out the old-fashioned way!!
You can also friend this journal or join theverge_music if you want to get updates!
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Article I'm doing [27 Feb 2007|01:14pm]

Has anyone here ever had any difficulties with the Financial Aid department, or do you know anyone who has had trouble with them?

I'm doing an article for SNEWS and I'm looking to gather interviews from any students willing to talk about any negative or positive experiences they've had while registering for classes.
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Did Somebody Say Something- Episode 2 [23 Feb 2007|08:26am]

Did Somebody Say Something is WSIN's only sketch comedy show. Do you know how difficult it is to write enough material to fill an entire hour with just five or so people? If only we had the money to hire 40 writers like SNL. Though we can't be as prolific as they are I'd be that we're funnier than them. This week is our second installment of Did Somebody Say Something! We're going to have some very funny skits this week, so listen in.

Here's our official flyer:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The time is 11am and the place is WSIN.
You can listen through our webcast on www.wsinradio.org or on AM 1590
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Artwork Reception-- Amy Kaplan and Ashley Capone [03 Feb 2007|07:59pm]

Event Info
Artwork Reception for featured artists-- Amy Kaplan and Ashley Capone
Music/Arts - Exhibit
Time and PlaceDate:
Monday, February 5, 2007
6:00pm - 9:00pm(?)
SCSU Campus, Engleman Hall, English Common Room(2nd Floor, D-wing)


On display for all to see in the English Common room of Engleman Hall of SCSU are the artistic creations of the talented Art students, Amy Kaplan and Ashley Capone.

The reception begins at 6pm and offers free refreshments, food, and a chance to meet with the artists in person as they formally present their creations to the general public.
Please join us as we celebrate their wonderful achievement!

Just so everyone knows:
The reception is not extremely formal. You can show up whenever you'd like. We start at 6pm and can go on until people kick us out of the building, I suppose. haha.
So if you can only attend for a few minutes or an hour after the start time, it is totally fine!
All of our artwork will be hanging on the walls for everyone to see freely throughout the remainder of the semester as well, so Monday is just a designated reception to kind of "introduce" the space and get the word out to the community that there is new artwork to check out.
I hope everyone in the area can check it out!
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[26 Jan 2007|02:13pm]

Audio Sample

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Something to do Wed and info for any gamers out there on campus [21 Jan 2007|05:02am]

[ mood | amused ]

All the info for a good time!

will be there
selling Clothing,Bags,Hair falls,Makeup,Jewellery.
Tons of fun stuff at low low prices!

Also any one who's in to LARP or RP games.
There is a good one in CT,
all its info is at
They love new players
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[11 Jan 2007|04:40am]

If you want to get into a course that is full and you e-mail the professor and they agree to let you in, what do you have to do to be officially registered for it?
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Tis the season... [06 Dec 2006|11:37am]


This is one of my favorite compilations of all time. It mixes the concepts of theme and rarity. Not only are many of the songs on here great, but there's not much of a chance you'll get a copy of them anywhere else. Of course, there are flops on every compilation, but the one's on this particular one are few and far between. Personally, my least favorite on the album is D.I.'s cover of Mr. Grinch, but that's just me. The songs on here are fun and definitely put the rowdy spirit of punk into the holidays. Even Fear's "Fuck Christmas" will be getting you into the spirit. Chances are that you will be listening to Mojo Nixon's "Christmas Christmas" over and over until you get tired of laughing at it. The Compilation is decent from beginning to finish, and even if you don't like the WHOLE thing you'll be keeping gems like the Pansy Division's "Homo Christmas."

I don't have much more to say about this compilation other than you should try it even if you think you're not "into that punk rock." There's bound to be a song or three that you find worth the venture into this album.


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Question regarding Intro to Photo class. [10 Nov 2006|11:35pm]

Hello, all!
For those who have taken Art 262 Intro to Photography, what type of camera is required for the course?
Many thanks to anyone with information!
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[09 Nov 2006|08:08pm]

Hi! I was just wondering if there was anyone in this community who is in the graduate Library and Information Sciences program at SCSU, and whether they would recommend it to a prospective student.

I am also curious about the storytelling/oral tradition component that seems to pop up in course listings - folktales are one of my major areas of study, so I am wondering if this "storytelling" business is specifically directed at youth or at all age groups.

Any input is very much appreciated!
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Happy Fuzzy Fun Time, Or Die Tonight! [28 Sep 2006|07:33pm]

It's the first episode of Happy Fuzzy Fun Time, or Die!

Tonight starting at 8pm Happy Fuzzy Fun Time, or Die! will spread your taste in music like peanutbutter on a piece of toast! If you're allergic to peanutbutter I'm not exactly sure what to do. You should probably call in at 392-5353 and tell me the contact information for your next of kin. I don't want you breaking out in hives and crap. That would be really annoying and would just make doing the show harder. I can't concentrate on bringing music to the masses while you're getting all hivey and gross. How inconsiderate you are.

www.wsinradio.org (for the webstream)
AM 1590 on El radio
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